Publications 2018

Berggren, N., & Eimer, M. (2018). Feature-guided attentional capture cannot be prevented by spatial filtering Biological Psychology, 134,1-8.pdf format

Eimer, M. (2018). What do associations and dissociations between face and object recognition abilities tell us about the domain-generality of face processing? Cognitive Neuropsychology, 35, 80-82.pdf format

Jenkins, M., Grubert, A., & Eimer, M. (2018). The speed of voluntary and priority-driven shifts of visual attention. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 44, 27-37.pdf format

Katus, T., & Eimer, M. (2018). Independent attention mechanisms control the activation of tactile and visual working memory representations. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience,30, 644-655.pdf format




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